Hit and Runs and the Benefit of Parking Lot Cameras

September 27th, 2019

Even the smallest Modesto parking lot can benefit from parking lot security cameras. According to information released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, parking lots accounted for approximately 20 percent of accidents. 

With parking lot cameras, there can be valuable footage that can be used in an investigation of one of these accidents and can also help with property crime as well.

Parking Lot Dangers

Some of the most common things to occur in a parking lot are hit and runs and vandalism. If you install security cameras that are able to read license plates in different lighting conditions, then you are already getting ahead of the problem. 

Car lots, bus depots, and public parking lots and parking garages all contain valuable assets, and all of these assets are concentrated in one location which makes it easy for a criminal to target. The right business surveillance system can help effectively monitor these areas and also act as a great deterrent for some crime.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Also known as PTZ cameras, they allow object tracking. This means that the camera has the ability to follow a moving object around the parking lot. 

Thermal Cameras

These cameras can provide you with reliable motion alerts and are able to cover a large area which makes them the ideal option for a parking lot. It also helps reduce false-positive alerts as well.

Facial Recognition Cameras

These are cameras that can be used to identify people of interest. If there is someone you are looking for on your property, these cameras can help identify them.

Loss Prevention

Parking lot security cameras are a valuable tool for any business when it comes to deterring crime and preventing loss and vandalism. They are especially helpful at determining what happened during a hit and run.

High-quality cameras can detect the license plate of the offending car and can help prove liability in the case of a hit and run accident that occurred in the parking lot. Without the cameras, you would have no idea what happened and would have to rely on word of mouth − if there is any at all to report. 


This all lead to financial justification. The cameras in the parking lot can help catch the criminal and can ultimately lead to proper compensation for the loss and damage that occurred as a result of the parking lot accident. 

If you are a business owner and you have a parking lot, parking garage, or other outdoor area that you need to monitor, then you should consider the value of high-quality security cameras for your property. Not only will they help catch criminals, they can also deter crime, protect your property, and provide protection and security for your employees and customers. 

If you are ready to purchase your new security cameras, contact Gibraltar Security today for more information on what cameras would be best for you to use in Modesto, CA.