The Dangers of Bluetooth Hacking and How to Protect Yourself

March 30th, 2023

The Dangers of Bluetooth Hacking and How to Protect Yourself

Bluetooth is the technology we use on many of our electronic devices and wearable technology in Modesto and around the nation. It helps keep everything wirelessly connected through our network. It is most often used on devices like our smartphones, tablets, speakers, and home security equipment.

Back in 2018, it was estimated that more than 4 billion Bluetooth devices were shipped. The technology is currently being used in our homes, businesses, and vehicles and is something we can have with us virtually wherever we may go.

But has anyone stopped to consider the risks and dangers involved with using this form of technology? Today we will go over the dangers of Bluetooth hacking and how to protect ourselves.

What Is BlueBorne?

BlueBorne is a vulnerability that was discovered a few years back in several different Bluetooth applications. Security researchers explored this vulnerability back in 2017 and found that it was a flaw present in mobile, desktop, and IoT operating systems. BlueBorne allowed hackers to gain control over someone's devices and then subsequently steal their private and privileged information.

Instead of these BlueBorne attacks being dependent on the internet and these connections, it instead goes through the air. Hackers can silently connect to devices and take over without any kind of user interaction.

What is Btlejacking?

This Bluetooth attack was discovered a year after BlueBorne. It is an attack that allows hackers to jam and take over any Bluetooth device. However, the cyberattack needs to be done within 5 meters of the target. These attacks rely on a jamming vulnerability. All an attacker needs to do is use a Micro: Bit embedded computer that typically costs only $15 along with just a few lines of open source code.

What Is Bleedingbit?

Bleedingbit comprises two more flaws in Bluetooth chips that were found worldwide. These flaws allow hackers to send malicious BLE broadcast messages. It allows them to ultimately corrupt the memory of the device, gain access to the devices operating system, and create a backdoor to execute malicious codes remotely. It is dangerous because there really is no warning when the hackers enter their network, and no security concerns rise.

Preventing Bluetooth Attacks

As of 2020, there are more than 20 billion IoT devices in use. So, to avoid a BlueBorne and other Bluetooth attack, you should take several steps and precautions.

Update Software and Passwords

This is said a lot, but it is very important. Manufactures release regular updates for software and devices that can help minimize your risk surrounding these attacks, viruses, and other malicious acts. Therefore, you should be updating all of your devices regularly while also changing out your passwords frequently.

Turn Bluetooth Off

Another way to help minimize risk is by turning your Bluetooth devices off when they are not in use. It makes you virtually invisible and makes it harder for a hacker to discover the device you are using.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi connections are not always secure, so they should be avoided as much as possible. Disable these automatic connections on all of your devices in Modesto and ensure that you are not connecting to any kind of unsecured network.

If you have any other questions about security and the security of your devices, make sure to contact a trusted security provider in Modesto, CA today.