4 Reasons To Use A Smartlock At Home

September 6th, 2023

Safety has always been important for homeowners, but with more work and time being spent at home, security matters more than ever. One way to have a safer house is to upgrade from the traditional analog lock and key system to a new “smart lock” system. Here are four reasons why.

You Can Use Deadbolts All The Time

The deadbolt is one of the surest ways to secure a door. Still, in an analog world, a deadbolt can only be used when you are in the home since it must be physically moved into position to secure a door. However, with digital systems like smart locks, deadbolts can be installed with electronic controls that let you engage the deadbolt even when you’re not at home. This means your door is that much harder to open when your home is at its most vulnerable.

No More Spare Keys

One of the most common ways for home theft to occur is homeowners leaving a spare key somewhere on the property, just in case keys are forgotten or lost. These hiding places are usually somewhere easy to remember, but unfortunately, that also translates to thieves using a little diligence to find and use them.

Digital smart locks eliminate the need for spare keys since they don’t use mechanical keys at all. This eliminates the risk of strangers finding spares and using them to gain entry into your home.

You Can Use Your Phone

There are a variety of different unlocking mechanisms for smart locks. Businesses such as hotels, for example, use key cards. That option is still available, but others also exist, such as using your phone. Today, most people bring their phones with them wherever they go, so if you have a digital “key” installed on your phone, you and other residents can enjoy this convenience.

You Can Track Activity

Because smart locks are digital, this means they preserve electronic information. One of the most useful pieces of data is an entry and exit record. Smart locks can track when a door was open and shut. If the option is available, they can also identify who it was that did the opening and closing.

With numeric keypad smart locks, for example, every person can get a different code. The same is true for keycards and is especially true for biometric locks that rely on fingerprints, voice, or facial recognition. So if a teenager is sneaking at night using the door, for example, you’ve got a record of when it happened.

If you’d like to make your home in Modesto, CA, safer, contact us. We can look at your property and find the right security configuration.