4 Tips For A Safer Garage

October 16th, 2019

When you own a home in Modesto, CA, your primary safety focus is the home itself. After all, this is where you live and sleep, and this is where valuables, as well as more vulnerable family members like children,  spend their time. But the home isn’t the only thing on your property that you need to keep safe. Your garage, whether attached or detached, is also part of your property, and we’ve got some tips to help you make this a safer place too.


Manage Flammables

Even more than your home, a garage is often a popular storage area for chemicals and other substances with a high degree of flammability. Spare gasoline, motor oil, and workshop chemicals and substances like turpentine can all ignite quickly and spread to a dangerous inferno with little time. If all these substances are gathered in one place, with improper storage, that’s an inferno waiting to happen. Make sure all flammable substances are properly contained and don’t store them near electrical sources.


Keep Things Organized

This tip may be very cumbersome for some people to follow, but a neat garage is also a safer one. If everything has a place and is in that place, it makes it a lot less likely that injuries will occur looking for something and not realizing, for example, and a saw has been left lying upended, and people only find out when their skin rakes across it causing an injury. Alternatively, someone gets hurt, trying to pull something out of a pile, and the pile shifts and falls. Messes aren’t just unsightly; they can be a potential source of injury.


Install Environmental Monitoring Systems

Your home benefits from fire alarms and sometimes carbon monoxide alarms as these systems protect the residents. The same applies to your garage, especially if it is used for storage, or you do any work on cars in the garage itself. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so you won’t know it’s affecting you until you’re overwhelmed by it. In the same way, a fire in your garage could threaten many important things you store in your garage, such as other vehicles like bicycles, ATVs canoes, and other belongs, but you won’t know until you look out the window and see the flames. A fire alarm, however, can alert you if you’re at home.


Secure Your Garage

We keep many valuables in our home, but for many people, one of the largest expenses beyond the home itself is a car. Other valuables and other vehicles can also be stored in your garage, so if a thief doesn’t feel like rising a break into your home, a garage filled with valuables is a great fallback plan. If you have expensive items stored in your garage, make sure the doors are secure, and consider extending your security system from home to the garage as well.

If your garage in Modesto, CA isn’t quite as safe as your home, maybe we can do something about that. Contact Gibraltar Security, and we can evaluate all the security on your property, including the garage, to create a safer, more secure environment for you, your family, and your belongings.