5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safer On Vacation

July 25th, 2019

Going on vacation is something that every American deserves after working so hard, day in, day out. There’s nothing more well-earned, and good for an entire family than spending some time together at a new destination, where fun and bonding are the order of the day.

But going on vacation means that your Modesto home is empty, and it’s not wise to assume that your home will simply be ignored by the criminal element. Rather than hoping for the best, there are some security considerations you should take into effect that can have a big boost in protecting your home. Are here are five you should be thinking about.

Mute The Phone

If you still have a landline phone in your home, and it’s not an old fashioned, mechanical model, you should lower the volume of the ring tone, or mute it entirely. Nothing says “no one is home” to people outside the home like a phone that keeps ringing, with no one to answer it. 

Move The Car

Another sign to an observant thief that no one is home is a stationary car or a chronic absence of one. For most people, a car will appear and disappear in a driveway over the course of a day. If a car sits there, in the same spot, and it’s obvious it hasn’t moved in days, that’s another invitation to thieves. Have a friend or neighbor move a vehicle, or park it in and out of the garage.

Don’t Let Mail Pile Up

If you still collect a daily newspaper, make sure that this, along with your daily mail, and promotional materials like flyers, are not allowed to accumulate on your doorstep. It’s a huge neon sign to thieves to show a pile of papers and Amazon packages sitting for days, uncollected, on the doorstep of a home. Have a friend or neighbor gather up mail and other items every day.

Don’t Hide A Spare Key

Anyone with time on their hands can find a hidden spare key since the goal is not to make it impossible to retrieve. It’s better to leave spare keys with friends or neighbors who can pass it on to authorized parties, or use it themselves, rather than leaving something that anyone can potentially find and abuse.

Install A Security System

When you have alarms and security cameras, and you make a point of advertising this fact to passersby, you create a major deterrent. Thieves don’t want to take on any job with high risk and challenge. Security systems tell thieves they should just keep walking and find an easier target to pick on instead. The combination of recording their identifying characteristics on a time stamp, combined with the suitability of surveillance footage as evidence in court raises too many red flags.

If you want to go on vacation with some peace of mind for your Modesto home, Gibraltar Security can help you. Reach out to us and let us know you’re interested in a security system for your home. We can find a security solution that gives you what you need.