Home Safety Tips For Young Adults

May 30th, 2019

Young adults are often busy exploring the world that has freshly opened to them. While they are adults, they’re still young in many ways, and it’s still up to the parents of Modesto,CA to guide them into this new phase of life. While in the exciting hustle and bustle of first real jobs, college courses, and having their own place to look after, home security is typically low on the list of concerns. It’s often not until something happens that young adults take a step back and take a more serious look at home security and why it’s a necessity for them. 

For parents of young adults in Modesto,CA, it’s important that your kids understand just what home security means and what it means to them in the long run. It’s the security they’re going to prioritize for the rest of their lives, and this is an important lesson no parent wants to learn the hard way. 

3 Major Tips For Young Adults

Having a few tips on hand to communicate to young adults is a great way to get the point across in a way they’ll both understand and remember. 3 major tips for young adults to learn are: 

  1. Keep your doors locked – Locking the door while you’re out may seem like a no-brainer, but what about when you’re home? According to the US Department of Justice, 28% of home burglaries occur while someone is in the residence, and this could create a dangerous situation for your young adult. Not just before going to bed, but while your young adult is sitting at home binge watching the latest Netflix series, or getting a little work done on their laptop, they should always make sure their door is securely locked. 
  2. No hiding spare keys outside – Everyone, regardless of age, will forget a key now and again. Or they may need a trusted friend or family member to pop in and check on something while they’re out. For young adults, a hide-a-key mechanism like a false rock or a pocket in the doormat may seem like the most convenient plan. However, in many cases, burglars will “case” homes and learn the ins and outs before breaking in, and many are smart enough to look for such tools to find any spare keys that might be lying around. 
  3. Invest in a home monitoring system – An affordale and simple home monitoring system that utilizes video security technology can be a great way to keep safe while at home or away. Many monitoring systems of today even feature mobile access that allows young adults to check back home while they’re anywhere in the world. 

Safe Practices For A Safe Start

Prioritizing home security and safety while in young adulthood builds great habits Modesto,CA young people can carry with them for the rest of their lives. A safe experience is a great experience, and home security lessons aren’t the type that needs to be learned the hard way.