Home Security Tips For Summertime Vacationers

April 5th, 2023

Many Modesto citizens plan getaways in the summertime. Of course, there are still a few months before that time arrives, but it is a good idea for them to start making sure their home will be protected now. A lot goes into planning a vacation. As such, the entire ordeal can be hectic, which means persons might put security issues on the back burner and forget about them. However, the last thing anybody wants is to return home to a ransacked house with missing belongings. So, begin preparing to ensure that you can enjoy your time away without worry. 

Modesto homeowners may want to jot down a things-to-do list in a notebook. Then again, others that are a little more tech-savvy might consider setting reminders on their smartphones. Heck, people can even create spreadsheets or PowerPoints to keep track of every last detail. Regardless of people remembering the security measures, they must make an effort to do so to prevent break-ins.

Now, this article is going to focus on some tips that may help Modesto residents keep their homes safe and sound while they are gone. Hence, interested parties should stay put and read on. There is plenty of helpful advice going to be covered in the following sections.   

Invest In A High-Quality Security System

An alarm and surveillance cameras can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to peace of mind, especially if a 24/7 monitoring service is part of the equation as well. Homeowners can sleep peacefully at night, whether they are home or out of town, knowing that professionals are watching over their places. Additionally, most modern systems can send notifications to the owner's smartphone. Live feeds and recordings can also be accessed from the devices.

Thus, if a disturbance occurs, with the few swipes of a finger, the user can view the situation for him or herself. Getting an early warning about a perimeter breach will allow you or the monitoring company to contact the police and get them headed out to the property promptly. With any luck, the officers will then be able to catch the suspects in the act, arrest them, and get the bad guys/gals off the streets.

If You Live In A Small Community, Ask The Local Police Department For Extra Patrols

Folks likely won't have much luck asking for additional patrols if they live in a large metropolis like Chicago, Houston, New York, or Los Angeles. However, if a person resides in a small to mid-sized town, the local police department may grant their request for extra patrols in the neighborhood while they are away. It never hurts to ask. So, if you are going to be gone for a week or more on summer vacation, discuss the matter with your local officers to see if there is anything they can do to beef up security in the area.  

Beware Of Posting Too Much Information On Social Media

Almost everyone in the world today has at least one social media account. Yet, they don't know many of their friends and followers from a hole in the ground. Revealing too much info on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can prove to be a huge mistake. Burglars could be standing by just waiting on a person to slip up. Then, once the family leaves, they will make their move. 

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