Now Is The Time To Prepare Your Security For Summer

March 10th, 2023

We’re in the full swing of spring in Modesto, CA, with summer right around the corner. With Memorial Day creeping up, thoughts of summer fun flood the minds of everyone around the area. However, fun isn’t the only consideration to make for summer in Modesto, CA, and we should also consider our security and how our security needs may change during the summer months. Summer is a time of activity, and that doesn’t just mean walks around the block or trips to the pool. Every summer, crime spikes all across the United States, including the Modesto, CA area. 

Due to the nature of summer crime spikes, late spring is the perfect time to consider your summer home security. With the technologies available today, having a safe and secure home this summer is something that has never been easier or more within reach. 

Tips For Better Summer Security 

A few tips can give you a strong foundation for better summer security. A few tips for better securing your home this summer include: 

  • Watch where you give your address and phone number – Leaving our address and home phone number on luggage tags seems like no big deal, right? You could be putting yourself at risk. If you’re taking a summer trip this year, make sure to leave your address off of your luggage tags and include only your mobile phone number. Additionally, if you leave your car at the airport, take your GPS out beforehand. Your “home” address is stored in these devices, and if someone breaks into your car and they like what they find, they could be given easy access to your home as well. 

  • Focus on your landscaping – While a wild and natural yard or garden might look beautiful to you, it also looks pretty attractive to burglars. Overgrown gardens and shrubbery give burglars a place to hide as they make their way onto your property and into your home. Keep your landscaping neat and tidy all throughout the summer months for an easy security step. 

  • Remote monitoring – Remote monitoring is an advancement in home security that really takes your safety to another level. Whether you’re jet setting across the world for a summer vacation, or you’re simply at work for the afternoon, remote monitoring gives you constant access to your home. Security cameras are hooked up to an app on your smartphone or tablet device, and with the touch of a button, you can be transported to your footage. This means you can check on packages, your interior, or your exterior whenever you feel the need for peace of mind. 

Having A Safer Summer 

Having a safer summer is important, as that’s the only way to get the most fun out of this most looked forward to the season. If you’re looking for the right technologies to improve your summer security, we have just what you need. Call us today to learn how we and our professionals can work with you to improve your home security this summer.