Ways To Protect Your Home When You Are Finally Able To Go On Vacation Again

May 23rd, 2023

The world is in turmoil right now with the novel coronavirus doing as it pleases. Some people are venturing out into cities and towns at the moment. Meanwhile, tons of other folks, including many here in Modesto, are choosing to remain sheltered in place, only leaving their homes sparingly because of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and who can blame them? After all, nobody wants to experience the symptoms associated with the illness, nor do they wish to die after contracting it. 

Anyway, that is a topic for another discussion. So, let's get back to the matter at hand. Eventually, COVID-19 will become contained, and by the time it does, people will be in dire need of some fun away from their houses. Perhaps a cruise will do the trick. Then again, maybe a trip to a ski lodge will be a better fit. Regardless of where a Modesto homeowner decides to explore, he or she should take certain measures to ensure that their home and assets are protected. 

The remaining sections will focus on some items that Modesto vacationers should consider adding to their things-to-do lists when planning the trips. Hence, curious readers should stay put and read on. With any luck, one or more of these tips will prevent them from returning home to a catastrophe. 

Invest In A Home Security System

Home security systems can be as simple or complex as owners wish. It can include an alarm, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and more. Then again, if folks want to take things a bit further, access control and home automation are available. Monitoring company signs and visible devices sometimes deter burglars. Therefore, if you don't want to return from your vacation to an empty house, think about contacting a professional security company today. The system will serve you and your family well for years and years to come. 

Lock All Of Your Doors And Windows

This item may seem like a no-brainer, but people can forget about the smallest things on occasion. Hollywood likes to portray burglars pulling off elaborate schemes to get inside homes. However, most of the time, thieves gain entry through unlocked doors and windows in real life. It is a good idea for a homeowner to check the locks before the big departure day arrives. Then, if one or more of the units are broken, they will have time to replace them ahead of their trips. If nothing else, the action will provide the individual with peace of mind in knowing that they have done everything in their power to protect the property. 

Eliminate The Spare Key Hidden On The Outside Of The Home

Sure, there are all sorts of great spots outside to hide a spare key. Homeowners might want to stop this bad habit, though. Why? Well, the majority of seasoned burglars know where to look for the pieces. Whether under a porch mat, inside a fake rock, on top of a door frame, under a flower pot, or somewhere else, a thief might be able to find the key and have an easy way inside. Keyless locks can eliminate the need for spare keys altogether, but if a person feels better having one around, they should leave it with a neighbor, friend, or family member. Just be sure that the individual is trustworthy. 

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