Security Camera Systems And Strong Summer Storms

June 15th, 2023

Throughout CA, thunderstorms get stronger and occur more frequently in the summer months. You may count on your security camera system to keep your home in Modesto, CA safe by deterring crime and capturing evidence, but it may protect your property in other ways as well. While your security camera system can’t blow strong storms away, it can help you and your family stay safe and sound when the weather turns sour. 

Moisture, warmth, and energy are the key components of a strong summer storm, and all of these are most present in the summer months. These storms can cause strong winds, hail, thunder, lightning, and devastating floods. In a matter of minutes, your Modesto home can be compromised by an act of God that you won’t be able to do anything about. 

How Security Cameras Can Help 

Your security cameras will put off criminals, they will capture any crimes or suspicious activity occurring on your property, and they will help you keep an eye on your family while you’re away. Your security cameras will also be highly useful in a few ways when strong storms roll through:

  • Providing evidence for homeowners' insurance claims – When a storm damages your home, you’ll need to make a call to your homeowner's insurance provider to file a claim if you want the damage covered. Your insurer will likely require evidence, and you won’t have a problem because your security camera has been capturing evidence all along. You can use the footage to show your provider the strength of the storm and how it ended up damaging your home. Trees falling, siding being pulled away by the wind, and roofing failures can all be part of your evidence footage.

  • Keep an eye on your home while you’re away – If your security camera system features remote monitoring, you can always keep an eye on your home. If you’re stuck at work while a strong storm is blowing through, just a few taps can show you exactly what is going on back at home. This provides you with peace of mind and lets you know when you may need to go home to address an emergency. 

  • Keeping watch of hazardous trees – Rarely does a healthy tree topple or lose branches during a strong storm, but it’s not unheard of. More likely, a tree that goes careening onto your garage during a summer storm had some instability to begin with and was simply a hazard waiting to occur. Your security camera footage can show you how gentle breezes affect trees, and this can let you know if you have a tree on your property that could become hazardous. 

Protecting Your Home This Summer 

Your security camera system can be the additional security you’re looking for this summer, whether it’s protecting you from storms or local crime. If you’re interested in finding out what security camera system may be right for you, contact us and discover what our professionals will suggest for your needs.