3 Benefits of Cloud Video Security for Multi Location Retail Businesses

July 28th, 2023

Retailers require a secure video surveillance system to keep their multi-location business safe. Cloud video surveillance offers a flexible, off-premise solution to mitigate security and safety threats like shoplifting, inventory loss, on-site accidents, and compliance violations.

Security That Grows With Your Business 

Retailers know that great customer experience is no longer a “perk” but essential for winning new customers and holding onto the reoccurring ones. When it comes to employee activity and transactions, customer activity (like shoplifting and theft), inventory control, and an overall shopping experience, a video security system can provide a tool for troubleshooting, capturing, and improving a retailer’s customer service and general reputation as a whole.

Alibi Cloud VS removes all the risks and vulnerabilities of an on-premise security system by providing a powerful off-premise solution for your video evidence. Once your cameras are installed, your data is transmitted to a tier-4 off-site data center, offering the same protection that major financial institutions use to store your banking information.

Simplified Multi-User Security 

Business owners in the retail space experience constant turnover, which can be inconvenient when it comes to managing user permissions into their network – especially as it pertains to multiple locations. Today’s retailer requires the ability to streamline dozens of user permissions, with the flexibility to change those permissions on demand.

A traditional security solution requires you to grant each user the credentials necessary to log in and view the footage from that particular location. This involves time and specialized software, yet another aspect of video security is managing for smaller multi-site businesses.

Cloud VS provides unlimited users access to your system with one account. Assign each person a unique login and password and define their permissions by location, time, and zone – without taking any more than a few minutes each. Because your video surveillance is streamed from camera-to-cloud, adding, disabling, or limiting user permissions is simple.

Assign individual permissions to unlimited users and locations remotely – only giving access to those who need it. As your business grows, Alibi Cloud VS is right there with you – providing you with a seamless multi-user experience.

Multi-Site Management 

The more a retailer grows, the more expensive an on-premise security system becomes. Each new location you add requires its own recorder, maintenance, and system updates. Monitor your retail business via your computer or smart devices – from anywhere you have Internet access. The desktop and mobile applications are highly intuitive and responsive – allowing your customers to view live and recorded video, schedule recordings, download, and export video evidence within seconds.

About Alibi Security 

Alibi Cloud VS provides more than just a video security solution. With advanced analytics, secure off-premise storage, and scalable retention, it’s the ideal security solution for the retail industry. Alibi Cloud offers 24/7 surveillance, remote accessibility, and unlimited cameras, users, and locations for an entirely scalable and streamlined solution.

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