4 Elements Of Good Commercial Security

August 15th, 2023

If you own a home or a business then security is always going to be a significant concern. With 60% of burglaries occurring during the daytime, homeowners have cause for concern if they’re away during the day for work, while commercial properties have the same worries at night once it’s time to go home.

Security systems for a home or business can make a big difference. It’s already been proven that they can discourage criminals. However, there is a big difference between what’s appropriate for a residence and what is right for a commercial property, and here are the three biggest reasons why.

Neighborhoods Are Naturally More Secure

When you have a large residential area, such as a suburb, you have a collection of different groups of people operating at different times of the day. Some homes may have fulltime homemakers during the day; others have people that work the nightshift. All of them are interested in having a secure neighborhood.

This means that unlike a business, commercial, or industrial area, there are measures in place, such as a neighborhood watch. It also means that are potentially people out at all hours of the day or night, changing the dynamic of how, when, and where the criminal element can maintain a presence.

Commercial Security Is Often Internal

In a family residence, where there’s a built-in amount of trust, and so most of the security is treated as an external threat. However, for businesses, sometimes consideration must be given to internal threats as well. After all, employees are not family, and it’s an unfortunate fact of business that occasionally inappropriate staff is hired. When that happens, internal crime can sometimes be the result.

In many cases, external threats become internal ones, which is often the case with a retail crime. Since the general public is allowed inside a store outlet, for example, any of them could potentially be shoplifters, which is why internal security measures, like surveillance cameras, are not viewed as an invasion of privacy, as they would in a residence, but a necessary precaution against both consumer and employee crime alike.

Commercial Needs Are More Complex

For residential security, there are often only two primary threats for homeowners to worry about; break-ins and fires. However, for commercial security, it’s not unusual to have multiple considerations. Aside from internal theft, there are may be a need for environmental security against such threats as gas leaks or toxic chemicals.

There is also a need for access control, since not every employee is necessarily going to have uniform access to every area of a property. Executive areas, for example, may require access control. The same is true with high-value areas, such as the drug and medication storage area of a medical facility.

If you’d like to know more either commercial or residential security measures, we can help with both. Contact Supercircuits, and we can evaluate your home or business and find out what security strategies will leave your property safer and more secure.