The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Install A Security System In Your Apartment Complex

August 16th, 2023

Whether it is a home or an apartment, the bottom line is that everyone wants to feel safe, secure and content in their home. If you are the owner of a multi unit housing complex or an apartment building, your number one priority should be tenant safety. After all, having a beautiful complex and amenities, but no security is like buying a thoroughbred horse and then leaving the stable door wide open. You need to protect your investment and by doing so can actually find long term savings. So let’s look at some of the top reasons for installing security is so important.


1. Avoid Liability:


By taking proper security measures in and around your complex you are better protected against false claim liability. If a tenant files a complaint you will have a video to examine to see if their claim is valid or a fraudulent attempt to get money. Make sure your tenants are aware that you are providing security measures in all common areas and have installed security cameras.


2. Increase Monthly Rent:


When you have a complex security system installed into your building, it is important to residents. This is especially true for families with small children. Apartment hunters are willing to pay extra to know you will keep them, their vehicle and property safe. Make sure you highlight that you have a security system on your web page, tours and site visits.


3. Decrease Apartment Turnover:


Increases safety means tenants stay longer. Your residents are constantly reminded of your measures to keep them safe and secure and the advantages of living in a secure complex. Since studies show that tenant turnover costs are the biggest expense after your mortgage and property taxes, it security is a good investment.


4. Provide Peace of Mind:


When you install a monitored security system in your Modesto apartment complex, the visibility of your security system not only keeps your tenants feeling safe but is a deterrent from burglars, intruders and vandals. This demonstrates to your tenants that you are determined to protect them from malicious intent. It will also increase the amount of tenant referrals who encourage their friends to move in.


5. Provide Security:


Harvard University created a study that shows that violence can drop by 40 percent in complexes where residents feel safe and look out for each other. According to another industry survey, the potential resident’s feelings of safety determine where they choose to live. Providing a security system will help finalize lease-ups faster and close more leases overall. Once you have a security system installed, you should have monthly meetings so your residents can learn about the system and protecting themselves or their neighbors.


No matter where your apartment complex is located, the benefits of installing an apartment security system for your complex far outweigh the initial costs to purchase and install. Whether you need security for a large complex or a small duplex, Security Feed is here to help you secure your property. With years of training and experience, our experts can help you determine what type of security is best for your needs and where the best placement for cameras are. We will work with your budget and protect your property so you can protect your tenants. We all know, a happy tenant is long term money in your pocket.