Protecting Your Home with Your Phone While on Vacation

April 15th, 2019

When we have a vacation coming up, it is easy to forego our security checklists out of our sheer excitement for the trip ahead. However, in doing so, we are leaving our homes in Modesto, CA vulnerable and open for intruders. Before your vacation, there are several things you should do to secure your property so you can really enjoy your trip away.

Home Security and Safety Plan

Your home security doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, and it doesn't need to be overly complicated either. We all already use a smartphone, right? Many of us also carry ours around all day every day, so why not use it to monitor our home when we are away? It is easy to do and a more than efficient way to keep tabs on what is going on at home.

Some security systems in Modesto, CA also allow you to control the lights and doors remotely from your smartphone as well. By controlling when the lights are on an off, for example, you are telling intruders to move on because there may be someone home after all.

Smart plugs can be easily plugged into the electrical items you want to be able to access remotely and then all you have to do is connect the device to your smartphone. You can even control the sound system to play music during different times of the day as well.

If it looks like someone is at home, then a would-be criminal is more than likely going to move on and find a newer and possibly easier target. In addition to the security this feature offers, you can also have that added peace of mind knowing that your appliances were also turned off.

Secure All Entry Points

Next, you will want to secure all entry points of the home, and this includes every door and window. Sensors are a good device to place in these locations so that you receive a notification if someone tries to enter. You can also install motion sensors around the property and alerts will be sent directly to your smartphone when the sensors are set off.

Remote Viewing

Finally, remotely viewing your home is one more way to protect your home and property while you are away. You can sign in and view your real-time footage from anywhere at any time to make sure everything is okay. Connect your CCTV to your smartphone, download a relevant app, and then enjoy being able to view your feed from your phone.

While some may not place too much emphasis on their home security, it really should be placed as a homeowner's top priority - especially if they find that they will be traveling more in the near future. Investing in a security system with all these features and downloading an app to be able to view the footage from your phone is a very proactive way to take control of your property and it will prove to be a wise investment for your home in Modesto, CA.